The Scriptures tell us that everything we do should be done for the glory of God. Accordingly, marriage was created by God to bring Him glory. Marriage, in a very holy and special way, is a picture of the covenant between Jesus and His bride, the Church.

This is the very reason why we are committed to building strong marriages and families here at Living Hope. The breakdown of the culture starts with the breakdown of the family, and the start of building strong families is building strong marriage relationships that are thriving and cannot be broken. Whether you are married, divorced, single, or engaged, any events that are held for marriages are for you to help you learn the principles for healthy relationships that honor the Lord.

Most of our marriage events or series of events are led by Tom & Karen Matteo, a faithful, strong and thriving couple in our church family. Private counseling is also available with Pastor Doug & Paula Allen.

When and Where:

Dates and details of our next marriage event and/or series to come soon!