May 14, 2020    


My mom, where to even begin.  As I thought about writing this, the word selflessness always comes to mind when I think of my mom.  I can’t recall one day of my life where my mom has been there for me – I mean really been there, and that’s not just me, that’s with everyone!  I’ve learned so much from my mom in my 38 (almost 39) years!  She has taught me a ton (practically everything I know ).  One of the MANY great things that she has taught me through her actions is how to give of yourself and do it because she truly has a heart for others.  She is always making someone dinner, cutting their hair, visiting, sending gifts, giving them a call to check-in. She unites our family in ways I’m not sure she even realizes to make sure we all stay connected (even before the quarantine).  Just one example, on everyone’s birthday, she sends a reminder text out so that person will be flooded with texts wishing them a happy birthday. The list could go on, but the two things that I could never say thank you enough to her for are:

  • Her intercession for me – her faithfulness in prayer that I would come to Christ.  My mom covered me in her love and prayers, asking me for her “birthday gifts” or “mother’s day gifts” to come to church with her. While I, at that time, did it for her – she never gave up on me.  She pressed in, she loved, encouraged, spoke truth with love, prayed – she showed me what it means to be changed in Christ.  I saw God’s heart in her, working in her and through her.  She never gave up in being faithful in prayer over me, – and last summer, I was baptized!
  • Her selflessness!!  Five years ago, my mom left her dreams and her career, for me – wow! For me!!  The thought of that still brings me to tears.  She gave up everything so I could go back to work when Brantley was born. She gave up everything for me, and she was filled with joy!!  My mom then took on not only the raising of our wonderful son Brantley; two years later, she did it all again when Adelaide came along.  She has raised our kids in the knowledge and love of Christ, is fervently in prayer over them, encourages me, guides me, gives me “a mama break,” helps comfort, uplift, helps give advice, and sets a high bar!  She would always speak truth to me about working, traveling, and how the season with the kids would pass me by in the blink of an eye. She encouraged me to look at life from a different perspective – a Godly perspective. Should I be traveling, working, and giving my all to Mars, and running myself thin trying to be everything for everyone, OR, should I embrace the children God gave us and spend it with the kids in this short, critical season before they start school. I know she prayed that I would eventually leave my career, although it would be hard on her not to have the kids every day, she again sacrificed her all for me!! Mom never stopped praying, and eventually, I did leave. She gave me the vision to be set apart from the ordinary view of motherhood!!   No question, there was some adjusting, and still is. I know she is there for me, and I know that God is working on me and the things that need to go in my life.  He’s working on me through Brantley and Adelaide, and I know my mom is always praying and interceding for me!  I could never thank her enough for her 39 years of sacrifices over-and-over for me!!

I know I don’t tell her or show her NEARLY enough how grateful I am for her, how much I love her, how she is my best friend, how much I value her!!  She reminds me of Esther, bold and courageous enough to stand for the truth and fight for the good of others, even when it means a sacrifice of herself!!

Proverbs 31:28, Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her! 

I love you Mom – Happy Mother’s Day!

Standing together,

Krystle Mulnix