April 27, 2020    


I want to fill you in a little about myself because not too many of you know me. I grew up in a small town, Randolph, NY. My parents were the greatest, and I have one sister. Mom and dad worked hard for what we had (my sister and I didn’t know it at the time). My sister and I weren’t close because there are five years between us, but we have become very close later in life.

Throughout my life, I didn’t have close friends. I had one best friend from grade school through our junior year. In our senior year, she dropped me and became best friends with another girl. Oh well, things happen.

I met my husband in the summer before our senior year. What were the odds of that? We went to school together, but attended different schools! We became best friends. We were married on August 23, 1969. Wow – Married fifty years to the same person! I always said I wouldn’t date anyone in the service, but after we were married, Mike enlisted in the army. He was told there would be less chance of going to Vietnam if he enlisted, but that wasn’t true. He was shipped to Vietnam right after his training, and he was gone for a year. We did meet for a week in Hawaii for R&R (rest and relaxation) during his tour. When he got home, we went to Ft. Hood, Texas. When we came back from Texas, we lived with my parents.

After we found a place to live,  my two sons came along. We were born again, together, at the same time, and we were both baptized in a lake. Later, my husband became a lay pastor for a little country church. He was asked to serve for a few months, and it turned into eight years.

We moved to Pennsylvania because of jobs, but when our parents couldn’t take care of themselves, we moved back to New York. It wasn’t fair for my sister or my husband’s brother to take care of our parents by themselves. After losing our parents, we moved back to Pennsylvania.

Now, our life consists of two sons, a daughter-in-law, and a precious grandson. My priorities remain God – my husband – family.

That is a little blast from the past. Now to the future. On April 1st, day one of the Sisters Strong devotionals, I started reading the devotionals with all of you. I have had peace, knowing God is with all of us. As I have done the readings, I have also started journaling, something I never did before.

This is a new start in my life. Have faith, believe, rely upon, and trust. This is the right time to be in the Word. Talk with your heavenly Father, pray often. I want it all (that’s really what we ALL want). This is my turnaround.

God is in control. We will get through this together. God knows what is coming next, and He will not leave us. Every one of us is in their own walk with the Father, and that means we are each where we need to be. Our Father will get us through this season.

“I am the Lord, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?”

Jeremiah 32:27

I want so much more of God’s Word and to understand it. He is the Lord of my life.

Thank you for letting me share some of my thoughts with you.

Side note: Don’t forget that it is spring – a new beginning. Don’t forget to look outside and see God’s handwriting all around you. Don’t let spring pass you by.

Standing Together,

Carolyn Franklin