May 5, 2020    


There is a saying: “A Mother’s love is the first we will ever know, and one we will never outgrow.”

I firmly believe when conceived, we instantly start feeling our mom’s love.  I know that is how my life began.  I was an only child, and my mom did things for me and with me.  She did all the mom duties over-the-top well.  When she chaperoned something with me, my friends always wanted to ride with mom because she was fun.  She would give you the last shirt she had because she was my giving mom.

Then she had some health issues.  Because of these issues and choices made, life changed to the polar opposite.  From then on, my relationship with her was rocky at best.  However, she was still my mom.

From those rocky years, I know the Lord used her to teach me a lot.  I learned that you could “do” life without going from one extreme to the other.  That there is a good reason to get out of bed every morning.  I learned how to love my husband and children unconditionally (even on days when they make me mad).  I learned  to say, ‘I am sorry.’  She also taught me to share and give unconditionally.

Some of us grew up in Godly well-established homes.  Some of us grew up in dysfunctional homes.  No matter what your circumstances, the Lord can help you glean the essential life lessons, whether they were practiced or not.  He blessed me with learning from my mom’s choices, whether they were right or wrong.

I do know that mom is in heaven!!!!  After the Lord, she is going to be the first person I seek out and say I love you, I honor you, and I am glad you were my mom. No matter how my life went because of her choices, I am glad the Lord gave me to her.

Happy Mother’s Day

Standing Together,

Paula Marks