May 7, 2020    


Recently, I was presented with the opportunity and time to leaf through my parent’s  50th Wedding Anniversary keepsake album.  It has been almost 25 years since that event.   I came upon a photo that stopped me in my tracks.

Had I not noticed it before?  As I stared at the picture, there was my mom standing in a dance line on the old wooded floor of the VFW banquet hall fully engaged, enthusiastically learning the steps to dance the Macarena, a famous dance song that ruled the mid 90’s.

Mom’s hands were clapping, knees bending, face smiling with sheer delight– clearly having the time of her life, joyfully celebrating a life moment with gusto!  Mom was ‘into it.’    I loved the photograph.

“What was it that caught my attention?” – I wondered out loud.   I stared at the picture for a long time.  I think it was my gratefulness for the reality of that moment.   No, more than that.  It was the appreciation that Mom had the moment, for she deserved the Macarena moment.

My mind wandered back to see some other “pictures,” moments from mom’s life. Her courage displayed as a young post-war-time bride discovering the pain that accompanied her husband’s prisoner of war experiences. Her initial shock and then joy at discovering she was to be the mother of twins. Her devotion to her mom stricken with cancer, and to her father-in-law who battled sickness in his later years.  I paused, with the dance photo in my hands to admire and appreciate her strength, love of family, friends, and her faith.

Mom, you were radiant that night on the dance floor – at that moment, you gave it your all, just like you did throughout your life.

You loved fiercely, empathized deeply stayed strong unwaveringly.   You know, you just danced your way into a sisterhood of Strong Sisters!

Moments. Macarena.  Mom.   I only wish I would have been on the dance floor with you in that photo.   Here’s hoping your dance card isn’t full in heaven….

‘Lord God, thank you that you kept mom strong to the end.  I pray you to do so for me and the others reading this in need of strength.   May we embrace our moments, appreciating the snapshots of life you give us through Jesus.’

Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die.” (John 11:25)

Standing Together,

Cheryl Werle